A Friend Not a Foe

A song came on today that was played after a very difficult conversation with my kids. We had an unfair burden placed on us as parents to facilitate some impossible tasks. These tasks and expectations would have risked all we had built. We put calming music in the background as once again we had a heartbreaking family discussion. The song was like the ones in a movie scene where a major loss had just occurred and you see all the characters struggling with the suffering as the first wave of grief hits like a tsunami.

Today, instead of skipping the song I welcomed grief like a friend instead of a foe. I confronted the loss. I confronted my heartbreak. I wept. Memories flooded my thoughts and at one point I felt so consumed by the wave I thought I might drown. But my head broke above water and instead of another wave, I found myself floating in a sea of memories. Some were good and others were painful. My tears provided a buoy as fresh air filled my lungs and peace settled in deep. I found myself grateful for relief. I found myself grateful for the time with the ones I lost.

Grief is not an enemy. Grief is a door to healing. The only way is through the door. Jesus says, “Grab my hand. I will walk with you.”

As a friend and because I love Jesus, I will hold your hand too if you need it.

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