Good Changes!

I have some exciting new resources I am working on for those needing encouragement. If you are walking through a difficult season I am here to let you know that you are not alone.⁣

For those who don’t know me well, my name is Kara but recently my close friends and family call me Nicki. Nicki means, “people of victory” or “victory of the people.” This name truly has been a huge testament to the healing that has occurred in me. Because of this I am working on new tools and resources! ⁣

If you’re like me, I needed extra resources to help me process loss and walk with freedom through suffering. Many resources I found cost a lot of money and I couldn’t afford them. I found that adding a few simple techniques to my times with Jesus enabled me to heal and be victorious. ⁣

As I continue to build my new site and resource network, what are some things you need or are looking for? I would love to be able to add more for you!⁣

Exciting things coming soon!

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