Suffering led me to my Victor!

I am a girl who takes chances. I am the one that doesn’t become self-consumed with her dreams that she forgets her first love. My first love is my greatest and only dream.

If I wasn’t willing to take the greatest risk of giving up all I thought my dreams should be, I would miss out on the best life that I could ever have. I could have the best of both worlds rather than one over the other.

Sighing with deep contentment I knew God was going to give me more than I ever dreamed. ~ Nicki

I am learning what it means to live from victory, in victory, and to victory. It often does not look the way I think it should. A life set free never looks through the lens of defeat. A life set free doesn’t fear being a bigger target. I know whose I am and He has delivered me. Come on then. Bring it! The flames that consumed every dream have set ablaze a resurrection inside me.

Suffering led me to my Victor. The fire of hell could not destroy what He had already done for me. I am no longer defeated, wounded, or afraid. He gave me a new name coming from my middle name. This is His nature. He takes suffering and shapes it into victory. Hell lost.

I am free.

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