You are not alone…

Suffering is something all of us have in common. I don’t like it. I tend to want to run from pain. Only facing it and walking through it works. The door to healing can be opened when we grieve appropriately and walk through the pain and sorrow. Lamenting with hope that joy will rise.

I tried to capture the beautiful, intricate designs of this moth’s wings before it flew away. I was mesmerized by the vintage paper-like look and how it almost looked like sheet music. This picture is a bit out of focus and doesn’t adequately capture the beauty in its wings. We normally don’t like moths because they destroy good things. But seeing this moth and its intricate design reminded me that there can be beauty in suffering.



Jesus comes to bring life. And I must say that is a beautiful truth amidst our suffering. Hold on to Him. He is always there. New breath will fill your lungs when it feels like life has knocked the wind out of you.

Follow the light out of the darkness. One step at a time. You can do it.

You are not alone.

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