Your Suffering Reveals…

You are allowed to wrestle with what you don’t understand.

You are allowed to ask questions and to struggle.

It won’t always be such a struggle. It is difficult to acknowledge this truth when you are in the thick of it and are exhausted; when every fiber of your being wants to run away. Stick with it. Do not give up!

You are wanted. Your suffering is proof of that. The devil wants to kill, steal, and destroy. Keep rising. Let God do the heavy lifting. Be brave and courageous. Lean not on your own understanding. God has you. He wants you too but in a way that is so good that it is better than you ever dreamed or imagined on your own. Lean in close. Let the rhythm of His heartbeat lead you to rest in His strong, safe arms.

This is His battle.

If you would like prayer or an encouraging word please fill out the form on my homepage.

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