Rising from the Ashes

For year’s I tried to convince people of my value. Often, I would defend myself and react to rejection. Rumors, slander and lies nearly destroyed me because as much as I longed to be valued by those people, a part of me did not know my immeasurable value.

I realize that abuse, manipulation, and betrayal all formed the lens that I looked at life through. Suffering had entered my life at a very early age. Agonizing turmoil was a normal part of everyday living. The pain had become a friend. Destruction seemed to occur regularly, robbing life from my family, heart, and womb. It felt like I always got the short end of the stick.

Months ago I had had enough. I was ready to sell everything and leave everything and everyone behind. Agony tends to skew your perspective. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my people. I loved them so much. I had and still have so many precious people who love and care for me. I wanted to flee the turmoil, and the grief that had begun to consume me. My body had crashed when this occurred and I felt trapped. Little did I know that I was in the fire only to be set free!

I have risen from the flames and the ashes flutter to the ground as I fly free. The target placed on me through the generations has now been turned against the devil himself. He has tried to kill me, destroy my family, and steal precious life. But VICTORY is mine! He should be a lot more scared now than he ever was at my birth.

If you struggle with your value because of what you have been through in life and how people have treated you, know this: the devil doesn’t target people who are not threats to him. When God dreamt you up and formed you in your mother’s womb, an immeasurable value was placed on your life. You are marked with worth in every facet of who you are. The devil hates you because of it.

But Jesus adores and loves you!!

Jesus made the way for you to live free! Jesus sealed your victory. Nothing can separate you from His love (Romans 8:38-39). People have hurt you but Jesus is incapable of such an action. He is so good. His love is greater than what we can fathom. We blame Him for the pain in our lives when that pain came from a serpent.

Freedom in insurmountable ways has occurred as I have trudged through the swamp of sadness (Neverending Story anyone?).

Victories will never come without battles.

Jesus has never left me. In fact, He is the one who has given me every great gift in life. I am finally free from the agonizing turmoil that has plagued me. A curse has been broken. I am reveling in this freedom. I have no words to describe it. I have been set free!

He is ready to do the same in your life.

If you have questions about how to walk into freedom or need prayer please send me a message. You can go to my site and fill out the prayer form at http://www.nickiministries.com

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